Smart Exterior Cleaning does exactly what it says in the company name

We clean all your exteriors, and we do it that little bit smarter!

No matter what exterior surfaces you need cleaning, you can rely on Smart to deliver great result using the latest equipment, backed up by exceptional, good old-fashioned personal service.

Window Cleaning 

Using the latest in Ultra-Purified water technology, our cleaning technique draws the dirt from your window frames and glass and then dries to a spotless finish!

Most customers wish to have their windows cleaned regularly to maintain their gleaming shine – we offer a service on a 6, 8 or 12 week rotational basis to keep your windows looking their very best.

Decking – keep your decking looking as good as the day it was laid, and free from slippery algae, leaves and moss

A deck area can be a thing of beauty, and provides a popular, comfortable and safe area from which to enjoy your garden or entertain guests, friends and family. But after a few years, it can – without proper maintenance – start to look scruffy and can become dangerously slippery. At Smart Exterior Cleaning, we’re dedicated to reviving your decking, restoring it to the way it used to be, and giving you back a space to enjoy.

Our pressure-washing equipment is specially designed to wash away the slippery algae, moss and leaves without damaging the wood surface.

Just call us today for a no-obligation quote, and let’s get your decking back to its best.

Walls – the Smart Exterior Cleaning service includes all your outside walls too

Over time, dirt, grime and moss build up on the outside of all walls, and as well as spoiling the aesthetic appearance, can inflict slow but progressive corrosion which will ultimately lead to deterioration and potentially expensive repairs.

So regular maintenance will help to keep your walls in good condition, and ensure that your property looks its best.

Just call us today for a no-obligation quote, and let’s restore your walls to their former glory.

Tarmac and pathways – regular treatment will ensure your tarmac areas and pathways are cleaner, safer, and last longer

As with all your other exterior areas, pathways and other areas laid with tarmac require some regular loving care. Our specialist equipment ensures that they are thoroughly cleaned but still remain intact.

And as with all the services provided by Smart Exterior Cleaning, we ensure that everything is cleaned up afterwards, including any surrounding areas that may have been splashed by our pressure jet spray.

To find out more about how Smart Exterior Cleaning can help restore your decking, walls, paths and other exterior surfaces to the way you want them to look,  just call us today for a free, no obligation quote on 01895 875662.

Smart Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance Limited is registered in England and Wales,
Number 7840423