Professional Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is an important but often-neglected home maintenance task. Dirt can block out light and degrade your windows and window sills over time. Clean windows let in more light and give the inside and outside of your home a real lift. Smart Exterior Cleaning are proud to offer professional window cleaning services to homes and businesses in and around Uxbridge. Smart Exterior Cleaning uses the latest in filter technology to ensure your windows are sparking clean! If you are looking for window cleaning in Uxbridge, why not get in touch with Smart Exterior?

Professional Window Cleaning Uxbridge

Smart Exterior Cleaning offer professional window cleaning services to private homes and commercial clients in Uxbridge, Greater London and surrounding counties. We pride ourselves on providing a top-quality service to our customers, leaving them with sparkling clean windows every time. Our service is professional and hassle-free, and we aim to always leave our customers completely satisfied.

Using ultra-purified water technology, our window cleaning technique draws the dirt from your window frames and glass and then dries to a spotless finish! There is no need for detergents or bleaching agents, as the purified water cuts through grime and dirt easily. The water is also passed through a filter to ‘ionise’ the water molecules, which makes it attract dirt like a magnet.  The dirt is then easily rinsed away. There is no need to dry the windows as the water evaporates and leaves no residue. Just like magic, you have sparkling clean windows!

There is no need for us to routinely use ladders as we have specialised high reach, water-fed poles to access all of your windows from the ground. This helps us to achieve our aim of never having an avoidable workplace accident, and it also protects your privacy!

Regular Window Cleaning Service

Most customers wish to have their windows cleaned regularly to maintain their gleaming shine. We offer our window cleaning service on a 6, 8 or 12 week rotational basis to keep your windows looking their very best.

With our regular window cleaning service, you can avoid the hassle of hauling buckets of water up and down ladders, safe in the knowledge that your windows are being taken care of.

We provide professional window cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers across Uxbridge, Greater London and surrounding areas. Why not check our latest Checkatrade reviews?

To obtain a quotation for regular or one off window cleaning service, please call 01895 875662 or email us at