Roof Cleaning


It can permanently damage them, force high volumes of water into your loft space, dislodge loose tiles and scatter dangerous debris.

Our safe, Softclean process:

Our first priority is to manually remove as much organic material from the roof tiles as possible. This is done using specialist tile scrapers, which are sized and shaped for the particular tile type of your roof. Perfection is not essential, as the later treatments will purge the tiles of any remaining material.

The roof is now rinsed to remove any loose remnants and to dampen the tiles; this enhances the absorbtion of the AlgoClear Pro solution.

We use AlgoClear Pro SoftClean.  It is developed for the treatment of roofs, walls and general amenity.  It is non-aggressive in nature and does not contain bleach.  It will not degrade leadwork, aluminium or tile fixings.  It does not affect any known construction material, and has a rapid breakdown rate after use, leaving residues that are absorbed by bacteria.  It kills 99.9% of the microbiol life and is a potent algaecide killing, in the process, their reliant hosts – moss and lichen.

The product begins to work immediately and the initial phase (killing the biofilm) is substantially completed within 1/2 hour.  The weather will do the rest.  The speed of cleansing is by and large in relation to the site exposure and to a degree the type of contaminant.  Different contaminants will shed at different rates: Moss remnants will quickly decay and disperse.  White and yellow lichen will also die within a short period and begin to detach.

When to re-spray? On roofs, some light green can re-appear about 4 years after treatment if the building is situated in a moist environment.  Moss takes a long time to come back.  Roof cleaning is recommended by the manufacturer of AlgoClear Pro to be carried out every 10 years.

We are proud to use the specialised treatment: