How to pressure clean your garden furniture

How do I pressure clean your garden furniture?

I’m often asked if I can restore items of garden furniture, usually whilst I’m already pressure cleaning their patio!

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The process is not too difficult; the most common mistake made by DIY-ers is having the pressure set too high (or having the lance too close to the wood).

If possible, I ensure that I have plenty of space around the furniture item, as getting to all the angled surfaces can mean quite a lot of re-positioning of the pressure cleaning lance.

One of the key skills to a successful clean of garden furniture is keeping the nozzle the same distance from the area being cleaned throughout – otherwise you get unsightly stripes.

Before I start cleaning wooden furniture, I give it a generous soaking with the garden hose.  This softens the wood slightly and makes it easier to remove the green algae.

Do I use chemicals?

I do not recommend using chemicals to clean garden furniture.  In my experience, it is rarely required and chemical residue can interfere with the homeowners choice of finish.

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What happens if the water pressure is too high?

If you do not control the water pressure correctly, then you can cause significant damage to your garden furniture.  The wood will feather and fray and you may be left with splinters next time you sit on it!!

Fortunately, I have extensive experience of this type of cleaning and use the appropriate pressures and lance attachments to avoid damage.

What happens after my wooden garden furniture has been cleaned?

There are many options available to you, such as woodstains, preservers, oils and paints – the colours and variety are vast and there is something to suit everybody’s taste.




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